Problem Focused Office Visits

These visits are for patients who are experiencing health issues, problems and symptoms.

Expanded Problem Focused Visit:

These visits are typical for minor complaints, problems and symptoms.

New Patient (CPT Code: 99203) $220

Established Patient (CPT Code: 99213) $180

Detailed Problem Focused Visit:

These visits include diagnosis and management of more complex medical conditions that include multiple problems, complex medical histories, prescriptions, diagnostic testing and specialty care referral.

New Patient (CPT Code: 99204) $290

Established Patient (CPT Code: 99214) $220

Physical Wellness Exam Visits (Preventative Care Visits):

Physical exam visits are used for health maintenance, women’s health, disease prevention, and occupational licensing (such as CDL and Merchant Mariner physicals, as well as school sports physicals).

Patient Age: 12-17 years

New Patient (CPT Code: 99384) $290

Established Patient (CPT Code: 99394) $220

Patient Age: 18-39 years

New Patient (CPT Code: 99385) $310

Established Patient (CPT Code: 99395) $230

Patient Age: 40-64 years

New Patient (CPT Code: 99386) $360

Established Patient (CPT Code: 99396) $250

Patient Age: 65 and older

Medicare rates apply


Injection Fee

(CPT Code: 96372) $50


Northway Family Healthcare is committed to assisting our patients in understanding their healthcare costs and insurance coverage. Please ask our staff if you have any questions.